Mobile Marketing, First

I re-graduated with Bachelor's degree in 2012 after realising a move from traditional print design where tight deadlines and critical paths to make sure that targets are met are a given, I felt a move to online is more where I felt comfortable and had new space to expand my creativity and take the next 14 years of my online marketing career into.

The 14 years experience working in a creative background and the development of myself over time in the understanding of technical structures and process have really helped make Mobile a strong talking point for key stakeholders and become the trusted advisor for them. Through my various roles I have always been project managing a product via a vendor or by building it my self, this has lead to numerous success within my career and awards been won for my work.

The change from print design has led to an accelerated knowledge of web technologies and high tech products including mobile and now wearable tech such as Google glass and have been key to the development, execution and launch of these products and solutions that I have created and launched.

All of my hard work and knowledge is only able to succeed from my strong presentation skills to clients and management via numerous creative ways one been removing the traditional desktop version of presentation and rolling out a new mobile version that allows the presenter to be anywhere in the world and control the deck on the viewer’s screen.